New Beginnings - the launch of Soboan Candles!

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November 2021 to Christmas 2021

The Beginning!
Our website launched on 1st November 2021. It was a very proud moment for me, presenting my creations to the world. Our website wasn’t perfect by any means and I wasn’t happy with the product pictures. So, I worked with a professional product photographer, local to us, who produced wonderful pictures for the website. Lucy from Lucy Dack Photographer, was so patient and gave me everything I asked for, she was amazing. A big THANK YOU to Lucy.

Our website continues to be updated and will always be a work in progress. As our company grows and develops so will the website.

When our website went live on 1st Nov this year, I had input all the wrong postage rates but luckily enough this was spotted on the same day and I was able to correct it. Phew!! What a balls up!

Note to self: check and double check and check again!

November Finalists
We were finalists In the November GBEA Community Grant in partnership with FreshBooks and Oh So Social but sadly didn’t win. Maybe next time! We were very grateful to the organisers for actually getting a finalist spot.

Attending Our First Event
We attended our very first event which was Long Sutton Christmas Market 12th December 2021. A lot of planning went into the event as we hadn’t done one before. It was a case of borrowing a suitable table, dressing it and then getting the business things in place like a card reader so we could take card payments and also making enough stock.

We really enjoyed doing the market, we were in the church so out of the cold. We are looking forward to doing our next event. Bring it on!

Social Media
Using social media has been a steep learning curve for me, I’d never used it much in the past! I’ve had to learn how to use different platforms and they are all so different so I turned to You Tube for social media tutorials, it’s a brilliant information source when struggling to do something. But it can’t teach you how to create your own writing style, that is unique to the individual.
You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we would love to see you there and look forward to chatting with you.
Facebook - SoboanCandles
Instagram - soboancandles

New Product
Over the Christmas break we will be working on developing wax sample boxes so you can order a sample box of the Mystical Collection containing the five different fragrances. It’s a great way of sampling the scents before you decide whether to buy a candle, wax melt or both. We plan to release these in January 2022.

We have other products that we are developing and we really look forward to sharing them with you in the near future. If you sign up to our Newsletter you can take advantage of the early release product information as well as early release prices.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christine xx
Founder of Soboan Candles

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